Fordham’s rapid growth and expansion posed a big problem: how to manage and store their massive data in the most efficient way. There was an urgent need to find a flexible and sound solution that would integrate all data.BDD Labs utilized the cost-effective Talent DI, a cloud-based data lake as the central data repository. A robust methodology of data management was integrated into the system to ensure effective data management.

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200x your ETL Development acceleration at 1/10th of the cost with our innovative framework.

True ETL modernization requires intuitive framework design to be truly scalable, meet the code standards and accelerate development. Alpha help resolve these challenges so, the team can focus on building the functional ETL jobs to deliver the project with industry standards and meet the SLA’s.

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Continuous Deployment Accelerator with innovative code scanner.

Apollo is an automation deployment framework that reduces deployment errors and improves efficiency, correctness, and traceability. For any ETL project success, team needs a robust continuous deployment and code scanning framework that’s truly scalable & validate the code standards.

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Eliminate Complexity with Modern Data Architecture

Concentrate on solving business problems rather than managing your database because Snowflake automates and eliminates the manual knobs and tuning required by alternative solutions. Snowflake is a zero-management data warehouse as a service. There’s no software or hardware to deploy and configure, and Snowflake automatically scales to support any amount of data and concurrency with consistently great performance.

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Insight To Business Value With Modern Data Sharing

The introduction of modern cloud-built data warehouse tremendously changed the data sharing environment. The modern method guarantees governed, secure, easy and fast data sharing. One of its best features is the capability of data providers to share live data which can be accessed in real time by data consumers. Modern data sharing also incorporates a secure view command to hide sensitive and private data.

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