Critical to Accolade’s growth is their ability to serve as many customers as possible at any given time. By choosing Talend and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions, BDD Labs were able to plug the holes in Accolade’s system. Detailed customer profiles are now available instantly whenever required by company employees by connecting their big data platform with our customer built AWS data lake.

Our Solutions Brief

200x your ETL Development acceleration at 1/10th of the cost with our innovative framework.

True ETL modernization requires intuitive framework design to be truly scalable, meet the code standards and accelerate development. Alpha help resolve these challenges so, the team can focus on building the functional ETL jobs to deliver the project with industry standards and meet the SLA’s.

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Continuous Deployment Accelerator with innovative code scanner.

Apollo is an automation deployment framework that reduces deployment errors and improves efficiency, correctness, and traceability. For any ETL project success, team needs a robust continuous deployment and code scanning framework that’s truly scalable & validate the code standards.

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Our Digital Library

Uncover Legacy Data Sharing Pain Points

Traditional data sharing architecture is simply not built to support the fast-growing demand for data sharing in real time. This is where modern data sharing steps in to take your hand and lead you to the promised land of data nirvana; that moment in time when all of your data is exactly where it needs to be to improve the processes and decisions of your business and every user within it.

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Purpose of Modern Data Sharing

Modern data sharing allows providers and users to share data without having to move them from one place to another by enabling live, fast governed and secure sharing. This method does not require making copies and downloading because the data will be available live in the cloud.

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