Application Development

Web and mobile applications created instantly

Line of Business applications drive the business, but the cost of development should not exceed the benefits.

We have invested in development of our own tools that simplify software development and let reach the deadline on time. We can build custom applications that apply business processes to data and are available on multiple devices at the same time.


Application Modernization

Let your users use apps anywhere they are, have both desktop and mobile apps

Data centric solutions

Create business applications that interact with data and present it with embedded analytics

DevOps Automation

Decrease the operational cost of application delivery

Case Study

Fordham - Accelerated Operations with Innovative Modern Data Streaming Solution

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Vanta Education - Enhancing Global Education With Data Lake & ETL Modernization

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Citigroup - A better banking experience with ETL Migration, Data Lake & Data Warehouse Modernization

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Solution Brief

CloudInsights: The Ultimate Snowflake Companion

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High-Performance Integration From Teradata to Snowflake

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Hadoop to Snowflake - Make Big Data Warehousing Simple

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TechCrunch Winter Party with Cameo

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How to migrate from Netezza to the Cloud

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White Paper

Netezza to Snowflake Migration Guide

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A Quick Report With Talend Open Studio

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