BigData Dimension Teams-Up with Lyftron to drive Modern Snowflake Data Pipeline.

BigData Dimension Teams-Up with Lyftron to drive Modern Snowflake Data Pipeline.

Big Data Dimension Labs, a leading Cloud Computing implementer, has come together to team up with Lyftron to drive Modern Snowflake Data Pipeline. This broad partnership is expected to spark innovation on effortless data modernization to cloud users. Resources at both companies will be put in use while driving scale and efficiency in the partners’ respective business.

How are we going to do it :

We enable and empower enterprises to be data-driven with our flawless Modern Cloud Solutions and services. This includes:

> Assessment & Advisory: BDD Labs aims to have a Modern Cloud Solutions’ PoC to find out which workloads would benefit from migration. Advisory services, ensuring smooth transition.

> Legacy Database Migration: BDD help liberate the data from legacy databases with the trusted cloud migration solution to modern cloud architecture like Snowflake from Netezza, Teradata, Hadoop, utilizing Lyftron cloud migration and data replication solution.

> Traditional ETL/ELT Bottlenecks: BDD will help enterprises to eliminate traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with Lyftron’s automatic modern data pipeline simplicity.

> Data Governance & Data Quality: BDD’s cloud expertise and Lyftron’s focused solution will help accelerate data governance.

> Analytics Acceleration: BDD analytics expertise and Lyftron instant BI analysis will help accelerate data management process and streamline BI journey for customers.

> Training & Support: Bigdata dimension’s certified resources on Lyftron to train the staff in the new tools and architecture of modern data warehouse which enables swift transition across teams.

About Lyftron:

We make BI & Big Data analytics work easier and faster. Our goal is to empower business users and make always-busy business and heavily loaded BI specialists less dependent on each other when solving data-driven business problems. If you have ever experienced a lack of data you needed, time to consuming report generation or long queue to your BI expert, consider Lyftron. Lyftron eliminates traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with automatic data pipeline and makes data instantly accessible to BI user with the modern cloud computing of Spark & Snowflake.



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About BDD Labs:

At Bigdata Dimension Labs (BDD) we strive to make frameworks and solutions for companies to help them with scalable, cost-effective and innovative solutions. To fully utilize the power of cloud capabilities, a company needs a robust framework and solutions intended for the modern computing landscape, made to handle modernization, challenges and to uncover the insights. Our cloud-powered frameworks and solutions enable enterprises to become data-driven, help them in increasing their performance and provide the path for automagic modernization. Our solutions also monetize the data shared externally (DaaS) and make the best use of the data others share – all with our flexible and affordable cloud solutions.

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BDD offerings include below platforms and solutions:

> CloudInsights : The ultimate Snowflake cloud data warehouse companion which uncovers the insights of the snowflake platform on Azure and AWS.

> Cameo: Application modernization platform which is out of the box cloud-native ready for Azure. Built with ageless application modernization framework for the cloud that you will never have to code it again.

> CloudCDC: Data Warehouse modernization solution that will help you build modern data architecture & data replication in the cloud.

> Alpha: Modern Talend ingestion & code standard platform to help you migrate from Teradata, Netezza, have a common API ingestion engine.

> Apollo: Modern Talend job scan platform that validates the code standards and accelerates deployment.

> Acids: Modern self-service providers and consumer’s data sharing platform that eliminates the need to write API, FTP, Email, ETL and manual processes to share the data.

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