Case Study – Socialheit

Case Study – Socialheit

Socialheit – Case Study

Product Category


Target Clients

Marketing Agencies

Live Date

Initial version June 2017 (supports and Change request on monthly basis)

Objective – Creating a Blueprint for Success

Socialheit is a digital marketing platform with main objective to enable enterprises to be Digital Media Savvy. To achieve this goal SocialHeit aims to help their clients in Optimizing their Social Media, reaching out to their potential customers, managing their online reputation as well as keeping their customers engaged with interesting content and Online Community.

They knew that the key to be a successful digital media marketing company is to create a single dashboard-platform which can get all of its segments – campaigns and ads, social media and digital content, CRM, technology and analytics – working together.

They stood still for more than 2 years trying to product-ionize their idea and were struggling with constantly changing business requirements.

Solution – A Streamlined Solution That Does It All

Once they adopted our proprietary framework we transformed their idea into a digital solution that enabled Socialheit to go-live within 3 months with state of the art design and technology and now are able to adopt devOps for Continuous integration.

Workflows, Content and cohesion
  • – Marketing module for content / Landing page creation and distribution to all digital channels
  • – Customer relationship module with Contact and deal management
  • – Campaign creation / email marketing using Amazon SES
  • – Smart Analytics

Cloud SAAS Business model

We implemented Cloud model – SAAS which benefited Socialheit with high scalability giving its clients the option to access more, or fewer, services or features on-demand.


Agile Methodology

Consistent App Experience

Micro Services Architecture

Our Developers utilized Agile Software Development Methodology which helps Socialheit to quickly adjust to shifting requirements in a fast-paced and constantly changing market.

Socialheit’s platform is designed to be user friendly and fully responsive enabling it to be consistent across devices.

Socialheit’s application is decoupled into a set of modules like Marketing, Campaigns, Feeds, Sales, People and Analytics.