Cloud Migration

Migrate your Data Warehouse to the cloud smoothly

The right place for the data is the cloud, you get scalability, reliability and lower TCO when the transition is done properly.

Our mission is to help customers in the transition to the cloud. We are proposing the best solution like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift or Azure SQL DW. We are performing the migration, but we also offer our own solutions for monitoring the utilization of the cloud resources.


Cloud Data Warehouse

Speed up queries by 200x, no maintenance and pay-as-you-go only for the query processing time

Cloud service advisory

Choose the most cost effective cloud data warehouse for your workload

Hybrid Cloud

Combine on-premise and cloud data sources into a single view of data


Data Replication

Replicate data to the cloud using CDC, keeping the cloud data warehouse always up to date

Data Warehouse offloading

Let additional users query your overloaded data warehouse by moving the data to the cloud

Measure & monitor

Identify underutilization and overload of cloud data warehouses using our monitoring dashboards

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