Collabera – Case Study 

Collabera – Case Study 


Business – 2 – Business
Large Enterprises
In Progress*

*Live Date – March 2018 – Will provide the staging URL and have taken approval from the client

Challenge – Got locked within a Platform

Collabera is an industry leading IT recruitment & staffing services agency. Top 10 in the U.S. Ranked ‘Best Staffing Firms to Work for 6 years in a row.

To bridge the gap between an AM and its client requirement, Collabera designed a Mobile App that enables its clients to search for available candidates for an open position resulting in notifying assigned AM who in turn recommends or shares candidates profile with its client.

Instead of locking themselves into a mobile platform, they were looking for a web application in place which would deliver consistent user experience.

Solution – Raised the Bar with a Cross Platform App

Raising the bar with a cross platform app for Collabera we designed and developed their web application keeping it completely consistent with its mobile app and using on premise solution installed locally on company’s own computers and servers.

Products / Functionalities delivere

1. Candidate Search – Clients can create an open position and notify the AM.
2. Interview process lifecycle – Designed a Kanban board showing an Interview Lifecycle with detailed view and ability to mark candidates as select or reject.
3. Open Position Management – Enables editing an open position, scheduling interviews of candidates, sharing shortlisted candidates profile with AM.
4. Activity Center – Options to add multiple activities apart from “Request Call” e.g. “Schedule Interview”, “Orientation”, etc. in a calendar view.


Secure Platform

Azure Active Directory

Multi Tenant

Since the information being captured was crucial for candidates and our client we created a secured platform using SSL Certificate authentication. It creates a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection and ensures visitors that their connection is secure, browsers provide visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar.

We combined multi-tenant architecture with Azure AD to achieve a governed application identity and access management.

After the candidates submits applications on platform, it is validated by an admin-reviewer cycle creating the need for a multi-tenant architecture. With this we achieved to provide a dedicated share of instance at every level of the cycle.

Major Accomplishment – Go-Live estimation – 4 weeks