Operating for more than a decade, the organization’s legacy technologies-based databases which used Excel spreadsheets need a comprehensive reform. The scattered data from various sources need proper integration to utilize this “gold-mine” and create a “real-time” analytics system.With our data modernization vision in place and a platform that generated 360° real-time views of its programs anywhere in the world, the Gates Foundation had become more empowered to create a positive change.

Our Solutions Brief

200x your ETL Development acceleration at 1/10th of the cost with our innovative framework.

True ETL modernization requires intuitive framework design to be truly scalable, meet the code standards and accelerate development. Alpha help resolve these challenges so, the team can focus on building the functional ETL jobs to deliver the project with industry standards and meet the SLA’s.

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Continuous Deployment Accelerator with innovative code scanner.

Apollo is an automation deployment framework that reduces deployment errors and improves efficiency, correctness, and traceability. For any ETL project success, team needs a robust continuous deployment and code scanning framework that’s truly scalable & validate the code standards.

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Our Digital Library

DataWarehouse Modernization at 1/10th of the cost

A modern solution for modern analytics. Traditional data warehousing solutions were not designed for today’s needs. Their cost, inflexibility, and complexity impede them from keeping up with rapidly growing and changing data, applications, and user needs.Those limitations have led to a proliferation of formal and informal data marts, whichsilo data and add cost and administrative overhead.

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EDW Modernization with Breakthrough Concurrency & Zero Maintenance

Unlock all the potential of your data. Organizations depend on shared data to create new opportunities and streamline business operations. However, traditional data sharing methods – e-mail FTP, EDI, APIs –are cumbersome, time consuming, and static, preventing organizations from creating the fastest time-to-value from data.

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