Eliminate Hadoop Complexity with Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Eliminate Hadoop Complexity with Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Gartner Assessment:

Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker says that “Thru 2018, 70% of Hadoop deployments will not meet cost savings & revenue generation objectives due to skills & integration challenges.” Over the time Hadoop has evolved so much that no one now actually knows what exactly it means.

By the definition, it is “An open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets.”

Hadoop Pain Points:

Hadoop started with the best of intentions: A goal of becoming the platform of choice for big data processing. While Hadoop has fostered innovation in big data, it has also built a reputation for being complex to implement and use. Challenges range from managing and maintaining the platform, to requiring scarce and specialized programming skills. The main complexity lies in scaling the environment, as you go higher up the stack, the abstraction layers have mostly failed to deliver on the promise of data warehousing and make it cumbersome for business owners to do reporting and extraction from Hadoop faster.

Key Takeaways:

BigData Dimension Labs, in association with Fivetran, is conducting a webinar where attendees would get a chance to learn –

> Why geeks say Hadoop is dying

> Insights on Data Replication on cloud

> How to eliminate Hadoop complexity with modern cloud data warehouse

> How the simplicity of a cloud data warehouse could help to save the cost, time, and risk of large-scale migrations.

> Automate the process and successfully migrate to cloud with BigData Dimension Labs

When: February 13, 2019 from 1PM EST

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