How to migrate from Netezza to the Cloud smoothly

Netezza customers are preparing for the transition to Cloud-Based Modern Data Architecture, but are unsure of the growth options, cost, risk, and time associated with large-scale migrations.

Roads from Netezza migration could fall into two categories

  • IBM other solutions like IIAS
  • Migration to instant cloud/big data

While the former may seem to be the easiest option, it can create a proprietary vendor dependency. An alternative to this is offloading Netezza workloads to a modern Cloud Data Warehouse or Big Data solutions, to take an advantage of the enterprise data lake and agility in data management.


Be a part of our next webinar on data warehouse modernization and learn how to

  • Mitigate the challenges associated with Netezza migration. Explore a proven strategy for successful migration.
  • Evaluate new technologies like Cloud data warehouse & Data Sharehouse.
  • Automate the process to successfully migrate to cloud/big data with BigData Dimension Labs.
  • Integrate high performance migration from Netezza to Snowflake, the only cloud-built data warehouse, that could help to save the cost, time, and risk of large-scale migrations.

This will be an interactive discussion followed by Q&A.

Our Speakers

Tahir Aziz

Analytics & AWS Practice Lead

Speciality expertise with Data Warehouse Modernization & Data Lake enablement implementations. Member of the Data Vault 2.0 & modern data architecture group.

Javed Syed

VP – Data Analytics & Product Engineering

Member of the EDW, BI modernization & Data Lake thought leadership board of a Fortune 500 companies. Specializes in Data Lake, EDW Modernization and Cloud Migration.

How to migrate from Netezza to the Cloud smoothly

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