Bigdata Dimension will be participating in the Ascent Conference on Oct 3rd & 4th at Pier 36, New York City. Come join us for this journey of innovation, to learn how our solutions are enabling enterprises to keep modernize.

Our Solutions Brief

Simply moving your applications to the cloud is not enough.True digital transformation requires intuitive application design to be truly responsive.

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SnowInsights is an enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse analytics platform for Snowflake. It gauges the complete insights especially ‘WHO IS DOING WHAT’ on your cloud warehouse.

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True ETL modernization requires intuitive framework design to be truly scalable, meet the code standards and accelerate development. Alpha help resolve these challenges so, the team can focus on building the functional ETL jobs to deliver the project with industry standards and meet the SLA’s.

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Apollo is an automation deployment framework that reduces deployment errors and improves efficiency, correctness, and traceability. For any ETL project success, team needs a robust continuous deployment and code scanning framework that’s truly scalable & validate the code standards.

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Our Digital Library

Case Study

Learn how Vixxo resolved the issue of integration between different platforms being used by their customers by creating both a Data Warehouse and a Data Lake on the same modern cloud built platform.

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White Paper

Learn how modern data warehouse separates compute from storage so, you can get unlimited concurrency and elasticity, without delay or disruption. You get the performance you need exactly when you need it.

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