Looker Center Of Excellence

Use Cases We Solve

  • Datawarehouse Modernization
  • Bigdata Acceleration
  • Master Data Management
  • Legacy ETL Conversion
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Data Streaming
  • Enterprise Service Bus

BigData Dimension & Looker

One of the few Looker Consulting Partner in the USA, we enable enterprises to be data driven with our proven BI and Data Warehouse modernization consulting, advisory and POC solutions. Our Center of Excellence helps enterprises to build their next BI modernization platform on Looker with ease.

Our Looker Competencies

Successful legacy BI migration to Looker

We have helped enterprises to migrate from Microstrategy, OBIEE, BO and more to Looker to deliver scalable and cost effective solution

Total Custom Looker Dashboard Built

We have developed complex Looker jobs and customize the solution to enable enterprises utilize Looker across different departments.

Looker Customer Serviced

Needless to say, but all of our Looker based custom solutions are designed with a user friendly approach and provide help in swift development and in installing small or medium sized projects anywhere across the global network easily.

Days of Looker Solution Implementation

As far as Looker goes, we’re one of the few best-of-breed Looker-focused systems integrators in the entire world. When it comes to your Looker deployment and getting the most out of it, we’re here for you with unmatched expertise.

Successful Looker Project

Some of our crew members worked hand in hand with Looker Professional Services and other renowned industry leaders on complex Looker implementation projects.

Looker Certified Resources

Looker implementation in our DNA. As far as Looker goes, we’re one of the few best-of-breed Looker-focused systems integrators in the entire world.
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