Modern Data Sharehouse

Ultimate Speed

Connect to around 100 data sources: relational databases, cloud, files or event streams.The metadata will be registered and automatically synchronized to a central catalog.

Shift the data

Choose the best target data warehouse that works the best for your workload.Apply data transformation using SQL expressions or offload processing to Big Data platforms.

Use from anywhere

Access both source and target data from plenty of BI tools, never worry where the data is located.Instantly share up-to-date data with business partners without creating additional data copies.


Choose from over 100 types of data sources that are unified into a single view.
No data is moved yet, only metadata is imported.


Replicate selected data to a target data warehouse
Pick the best target data warehouse that meets your needs. Select what needs to be replicated and just wait.

What can help you in the data warehouse?

Use Real-time on demand

Use real-time data for prototyping or when data accuracy matters. Switch to a copy in the target database to avoid overloading data sources and improve query response time.

Access any data using SQL

Consume data using standard ODBC/JDBC drivers for SQL Server.All your database or SaaS data sources just look like a virtual SQL Server, we simulate SQL Server and translate queries on the fly.

Join any data

Combine data across disparate data sources. Build customer 360-degree views from internal and external data sources that can reveal hidden value when connected.

What can you do with the Sharehouse?

Data Analytics projects face many challenges on their way. First the data must be identified, then prepared and transformed. However in production use, the dashboards may be simply too slow.
Empower data teams and make them less dependent on IT.

  • Let the data teams find, connect, catalog and use any data so that you can start quickly.
  • Enable agility to evaluate data in real-time and consolidate the data easily without ETL, which eliminates repetitive manual steps.
  • Finally accelerate slow queries by offloading data to the fasted target data warehouses.


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