How Modern Data Pipelines are changing the landscape of Data Warehousing

How Modern Data Pipelines are changing the landscape of Data Warehousing

Data engineering has changed. Due to the heavy maintenance, operational and performance costs involved in legacy data warehouses, the organization is rapidly moving towards cloud based platforms. Now the big question is – How to feed these next-generation warehouses and make the bi agile?

To solve this mystery, a whole new data model is taking shape where modern data hub is transforming the data warehousing & bi paradigm. Join this webinar where experts from Big Data Dimensions and Lyftron will discuss the strategic roadmap to modern data hub & data pipeline.

You Will Learn:
>How to eliminate the complexity of data modernization in the cloud with Lyftron – an agile, enterprise-wide data delivery platform

>How to create pipelines in minutes, shorten time to insights and enhance security built for the cloud

>How to query data from Elastic, Twitter, Salesforce, Bing, Marketo, Hubspot with ANSI SQL and load into Snowflake in minutes, with a live demo

>How Lyftron enables instant access to data and effortless data replication, in days, not months

About Bigdata Dimension

We are one of the leading cloud implementers in the USA, we enable enterprises to be data driven with our proven Cloud Data Warehouse consulting, advisory and POC solutions. Our Center of Excellence helps enterprises to be data driven with proven experience on snowflake implementation, legacy data warehouse migration, certified experts and customer training needs by utilizing the benefits of world no 1 Cloud Share house solution.

How are we going to do it :

Advisory & Assessment: Start a short PoC to find out which workloads would benefit from migration. Our Advisory services enables smooth transition.

Data Migration & Replication: Librate your data from legacy databases with our trusted cloud migration solution to Cloud of your choice. We help you migrate from Netezza, Teradata, Redshift etc

Modern Data Pipelines& Architecture: Modernize data pipelines for real-time data synchronization and analytics using Lyftron

Data Sharing, Governance & Data Quality: Our solution helps accelerate data governance modernization and eliminate data silos that enables true reporting and proper data traceability.

Data Analytics Acceleration: Our solution empowers you to adapt new cloud data warehouse which accelerates time to reporting and business application go-to market.

Support and Training: Have your staff trained in the new tools and architecture of modern data warehouse which enables swift transition to your team.

Use Cases We Solve

In the misdst of rapidly expanding sources and volumes of data, getting value from that data is all too often hampered by challenges that include:

> Data Availability : Making updated data available to analysts is a slow and lengthy process

> Semi-Structured Data Parsing : Analysts lack easy access to all data including semi-structured data such as JSON, Avro, and XML

> Data Sources Availability :Adding new data sources requires significant time and resources

> Complex Data Pipelines : Data pipelines and flows are both complex and inflexible, often built using ad hoc and patchwork approaches

>Inadequate Data Governance : Data governance is inadequate and complex. Most of the enterprises struggled with data silos and don’t know how to get the proper reporting and insights out of it

As a result of these challenges, enterprises are unable to get key insights from data in a timely manner and spend a significant share of their time working to bring together data rather than analyzing data.

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