Ebook: The Evolution of the Modern ELT Pipeline

Ebook: The Evolution of the Modern ELT Pipeline

This book focuses on the evolution of Modern ELT Pipelines and walks you through the various tools involved in building a Modern Data Stack. It also helps you to gain a quick understanding on various scenarios that the Modern Data Pipelines resolve and the various technologies that they easily integrate with.

Here is the high level summary of the various chapters of the book:

Chapter 1
Talks at length about the differences between ETL and ELT data transformation processes.

Chapter 2
Introduces the readers to Matillion and its key features.

Chapter 3
Introduces you to Modern Data Platforms in general and Snowflake in particular.

Chapter 4
Highlights some key technology integrators and their features.

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
Talk about the advantage of Matillion for various industries and departments

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