Netezza to Snowflake migration services

Why modernize the Netezza ecosystem?

  • For Greater Scalability
  • Save cost of acquisition
  • Eliminate the complexities
  • Gain insights faster from your data
  • Focus on delivering higher value
  • Support SLA’s with confidence

Toss the complexity. Go for simplicity.

With the goal of becoming the platform of choice for heavy data lifting, scalability and performance, Netezza started with the best of intentions. However, Netezza couldn’t deliver on the promise of innovation, cloud integration, scalability and cost of ownership.
Many Netezza users are exploring cloud innovation to achieve scalability & simplicity to meet their modern data warehouse initiatives.
We specialize in services like Netezza to Snowflake migration, consulting, implementation and PoCs. Our team will assess your needs, propose a data warehouse architecture and lead you through the migration process.

Why consider migration of Netezza to the cloud?

For Greater Scalability

A modern solution for modern analytics. Traditional data warehousing solutions were not designed for today’s needs. Their cost, inflexibility, and complexity impede them from keeping up with rapidly growing and changing data, applications, and user needs.

Save cost of acquisition

Snowflake can support unlimited concurrency because its unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture allows multiple compute clusters to operate simultaneously on the same data without performance contention.

Eliminate the complexities

Deploy a data architecture that is a true data warehouse-as-a-service, built for the cloud. Consolidate mul? ple data pla orms and data marts into a single, scalable data warehouse solution. Streamline DW capital expenditures while drama? cally simplifying your environment.

Gain insights faster from your data

Natively ingest and load diverse corporate data such sales, ERP, CRM, weblogs, clickstream, and event data and immediately begin processing. Deliver drama? c performance across a range of query types, simple to complex, and virtually no barriers to any level of concurrency.

Focus on delivering higher value

No need to stress over testing and certifying a dozen or more distribution software components, provisioning systems, managing clusters, constructing serializers and de-serializers, or securing and protec? ng data. Nearly eliminate all low-level admin tasks that drain your time.

Support SLA’s with confidence

Independently scale storage, compute, or user resources at the time of need. There’s no need to pre-confi gure or pre-size or peak demand months in advance, which can lead to unnecessary costs. Scale compute resources up or out—automatically or on-the-fl y. Turn off when not needed.

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