Snowflake Center Of Excellence

As one of Snowflake’s top partners in the USA, we help you migrate from a legacy on-prem database to Snowflake and aid non-IT adoption to this number 1 Cloud Share house solution.

Whether it’s getting data into Snowflake or pulling insights out of it, our certified experts assess your needs, propose a data warehouse architecture, lead you through the migration process and ensure the success of your project.

We enable enterprises to be data driven with our proven services which include

  • Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse Sonsulting
  • Snowflake Implementation
  • Snowflake Advisory
  • Snowflake Strategy and Support
  • Snowflake POC Solutions
Our Snowflake Competencies

Snowflake Certified Resources

Snowflake implementation in our DNA. As far as Snowflake goes, we’re one of the few best-of-breed systems integrators in the entire world.

Successful Legacy MPP’s to Snowflake Migration POC’s

We have built multiple POC’s to migrate the data from Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, Redshift and more to Snowflake, to deliver a scalable and cost effective solution

Snowflake POC Underway

We are helping enterprises to liberate from costly legacy databases and showing them the innovation of Snowflake

TB Data Moved To Snowflake

We have helped enterprises to move up to 300 TB into Snowflake to enable enterprises utilize the solution across different departments.

Queries on Snowflake

Enables enterprises to utilize compute power of Snowflake and run complex queries to pull the data from S3 & Azure Blob

AWS/Azure Regions For Data Replication

Built solutions for enterprises in 5 different AWS/Azure regions to load the data securely

What Snowflake Team Think About Us

"Educating Partners is what I love most about my role, but educating really engaged and committed partners takes it to another level. BigData Dimension Labs is top notch in my book. Looking forward to growing together"

Craig Collier
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Snowflake Computing

Be a part of this revolution and use Snowflake for

Zero Management

Data Sharing


Data Encryption

Time Travel


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Auto Tuning

Json Parsing

EDW Modernization

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