From 0 to Snowflake in 90 minutes

Organizations are scrambling to learn how to modernize their legacy data warehouse with cloud migration to achieve greater scalability and tighter integration. Cloud data warehousing provides numerous benefits but the process of migration is challenging, expensive and downright daunting.

What if the whole process could be made more simple, secure and scalable?

Please join Bigdata Dimension & Snowflake in a live webinar where we will show how Snowflake, the only cloud-built data warehouse, could help the enterprises to save the cost, time, and risk of large-scale migrations.

9:00-9:30 Snowflake architecture and introduction by BigData Dimension
9:30-11:00 90 minutes to Snowflake – How to build a Snowflake cloud data warehouse

Thursday, July 12 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM


  • How Snowflake is enabling data-driven enterprises with its powerful features like instant elasticity, secure data sharing, intuitive user interface, per-second pricing, time travel, zero copy cloning, json parsing and more
  • Why you should consider moving from costly traditional MPP’s like Terdata, Netezza, Exadata to Nirvana.
  • What it’s like to run large queries in a fraction of minutes
  • Easy migration and integration of structured and semi-structured data
  • Snowflake integration with existing BI and ETL tools

You’ll be using your own snowflake account. We encourage you to create a 30 day trial free account prior and claim your $400 credit during the webinar.

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