Data engineering has changed. Traditional methods utilizing obsolete ETL, ELT and legacy data warehouses are far too expensive, overly complicated and require a lot of cost, time and effort. Due to such bottlenecks involved in ETL methods, organizations are rapidly moving towards cloud-based modern data hub and logical data warehousing platforms.

Now the big question is - How to build a modern cloud-based enterprise landscape that supports the changing business needs?

To solve this mystery, a whole new data model is taking shape where modern data pipelines are transforming the data warehousing paradigm.

Join this webinar where experts will discuss the evolution and necessity of the modern data pipelines to support new business initiatives in 2020 .

You will learn how:

  1. Modern data pipelines can change your 2020 data strategy
  2. To choose the target cloud data warehouse that works the best for your workload
  3. To eliminate the complexity of data modernization in the cloud with Lyftron – an agile, enterprise-wide data delivery platform
  4. To get instant access to data and effortless data replication
  5. Lyftron was named as a top performer in G2 Fall Report for the modern data pipeline.


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Webinar - Toss Traditional ETL/ELT Complexities with Modern Data Pipelines

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