World Bank  – Case Study

World Bank  – Case Study


The dawn of a new era
Empowering Women to Power Cities, is an acceleration program powered by a consortium of public and private sector organizations that provides training, mentorship, professional networking and early stage capital to female entrepreneurs from Latin America.

A New Way to Connect With Entrepreneurs
Our client was looking for entrepreneurs whose ventures create positive impacts in Panama City, Panama. Panama City is a hub for economic development and activity along the waterfront and has established resilience and entrepreneurship as pillars of economic growth.

A holistic Approach
We helped our client develop a simple yet robust application in 5-Weeks with end to end requirements capturing and production hosting.

Business – 2 – Customers

Startups & Entrepreneur

Initial version Mar 2017


Products / Functionalities delivered:

Applicant Role
New application submission,
Status Monitoring
Admin Role
Company List and reviewer assignment,
User List / profile management,
Application log / audit
Reviewer Role
Evaluation / rating of new applications,
Communication with applicant


Cloud SAAS Framework

We used a cloud Saas framework to develop a platform for our client which helps them fetch applications from prospective candidates. Each candidate is required to apply by identifying a clear problem and finding an innovative solution to that problem.


Secure Platform
Azure Active Directory
Multi – Tenant

Since the information being captured was crucial for candidates and our client we created a secured platform using SSL Certificate authentication. It creates a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection and ensures visitors that their connection is secure, browsers provide visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar.

We combined multi-tenant architecture with Azure AD to achieve a governed application identity and access management.

After the candidates submits applications on platform, it is validated by an admin-reviewer cycle creating the need for a multi-tenant architecture. With this we achieved to provide a dedicated share of instance at every level of the cycle.